About the Docklands Chamber of Commerce

There’s no doubt that you and your business belong in Docklands. And the Docklands Chamber of Commerce is here to support you and your business. Information and knowledge, opportunities for networking and personal enrichment, they’re all here for you.

Benefits that strive to improve your bottom line and intangible rewards of involvement will be yours when you join the Chamber.
As a member of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce, you will get opportunities to network with other members and tap into their knowledge. You may establish connections that will help you with your business, or gain new insights into business processes.

Networking works and the Chamber is the place to do it! From high-tech companies to high-spirited entrepreneurs nurturing small businesses, you will encounter successful people at the Docklands Chamber. If you make just one life-long customer in your first year of belonging to the Chamber, your membership has more than paid for itself.

Members are listed here in the Docklands Business Directory. Members can link also their own website to the Chamber’s site, offering their visitors access to further benefits and information.

In addition, the business directory will be linked to affiliated member websites, offering the potential for further exposure to a wide range of businesses and customers. You can read about the extent of our offerings here:DCC membership document 2018