The Docklands Chamber of Commerce is seeking to engage a professional and/or firm to construct a comprehensive business case regarding the use of lights, lasers, fountains and flames for activation of Victoria Harbour. This funded business case shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Overview of Unique opportunity presented to Docklands
  • Community and stakeholder feedback regarding the need for activation of Victoria Harbour
  • Previous successes and failures
  • Similar short and long-term activations and the successes thereof in other cities e.g. Singapore, Sydney, Phuket
  • Summary of existing events/timetables for the harbour including key stakeholder activations
  • Identify gaps and further opportunities
  • Economic impact of a permanent installation versus temporary activation
  • Projected Costs – based on Mock ups of installation/feature
  • Visitor outcomes – through current activations (e.g. Firelight and Australia Day), through to projected numbers
  • Assessment of how to develop a cost benefit proposition – Budget ranges and event sizes
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Health and safety analysis
  • Letters of Support
  • Brand improvement for Docklands as a result of this activation
  • Pathway forward to delivery and implementation


Business case to be prepared for presentation to State Government, City of Melbourne and Private Enterprise organisations and submitted via email to The Docklands Chamber of Commerce

Full documentation and response can be found below.

DCC EOI – Victoria Harbour Lights

Expressions of Interest to write this Business Case – which is a fully funded proposition – close March 1st, 2019

A brief example of the type of information and presentation we are seeking.